Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Night at Grandpa Bob's

Timmy had to work at the fire station on Christmas day so Grandpa Bob got the special treat of babysitting all of us all day on Christmas since we needed to be entertained and fed. Buster and his crew tagged along.

Lucky for us, Grandpa finally broke out his camera and snapped a couple pictures (presumably to document the fact that Buster and I invaded his space, made a mess of his house, ate all his food and drank all his Diet Coke, presumably).

Whoa, whoa, whoa....either Grandpa's color balance is off on his camera or I need a new paint job. Eww....I can't even stand to look.

This is Chase playing with his favorite Christmas present of that moment, an over the door basket ball hook from Grandpa.
Since I don't have PhotoShop on my little computer, you are just going to have to squint a little and pretend that you can't see Buster or Lydon in the next shot and just focus on Chaston and his super sa-weet slam dunking skillz!! Not bad for a cut little three foot eight year old.
The Jazz should be calling him any day now!

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