Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Very Merry Christmas

All right party many years has it been for us Netz-Lafittes-Carrigan-Roberts Christmas Eve party goers? You know how it works. Let's get this party started! Put on your party faces.....

And start sneaking into the food

All the kids have to take their turn on Santa's lap. Lydon's up first.

The highlight of the night was when this guy asked Santa for his new little niece to be big and healthy (this is when Jill tears up----again)

Jason's date, Shaylee (sorry honey, I know I'm spelling your name wrong-I promise to get it right next time)

Babooshka was a good sport and endured a turn.

The birthday boy has now lost that other front tooth. He can now genuinely ask for his two front teeth for Christmas.

And Brenn pointed out that he has carried on Christmas tradition of wearing this same Jazz jersey every year. Now I have to go back through my pictures and check his facts.

Aaron Jean is now as big as Santa. When did this happen?!!?

And last but not least, Baby Yo got her first ever trip to Santa's lap. Nate didn't want to sit on Santa's lap but he's gonna have to escort Kambrie until she can make it there herself.

We did a little "Happy Birthday" sing along with Santa for Chaston's birthday.

And then we all got family pictures.

Is it just me or does Grandpa Tim look like he's ready to bolt? It's ok Grandpa, Santa doesn't bite.

After Santa time is dinner time. Notice the nice new party tables and chairs!! They make for such better partying.

Then it was on to the party activities. We played this fun game that Shirlee gave us where everyone had to draw a Christmas picture on their heads.

Even Buster played along. I must be doing something right.

Our top two winners, Jason and Shaylee, each won a gorgeous pair of toe socks that they were required to immediately model (much to Jason's foot issued dismay)

Teresa gave us these super cool balloon cars for racing. We held a junior division race for the kids and a "senior" division race for the older peoples.

While all that carrying on was carrying on......this was happening in the corner

Couldn't you just dip this in sugar and eat it up!

Tradition #1: Making a "cookie" to leave out for Santa. Our Santa cookie this year is a snowman made out of donut holes, mini chocolate chips and fruit roll-ups.

I have no words for this........

Tradition #2: Making ornaments out of the pictures that were taken earlier with Santa.

I was able to steal Baby Yo away from Yo Bob at one point during the evening.
Tradition #3: The kides draw names at Thanksgiving and exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Jason got stuff that will make his snowmobile go faster.

Bren got the very, very difficult to get a hold of Duck Hunter game.

Chase got a Jazz beanie

Kambrie got the Dr. Seuss Foot Book (the book that started this blog) and a "future blog star" outfit.

Lydon got an I-tunes card and a Subway card that came equipped with a mustard pack.

Aaron Jean got a big ole I-tunes card.

Tradition #4: Packing up some reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) .

Tradition #5: Cheesy kids in their matchy pj picture

We had a great time, great food, lotta fun and a lotta love.

Santa warned everyone to go to bed early just in case he decided to visit their houses first so we sent everyone home, sprinkled out our riendeer food and hit the sack.

Unfortunately, Timmy had to work at the fire station on Christmas day so our morning was a bit rushed and we don't have many pictures.

This would be Lydon wondering why on earth Santa would bring a soon to be 18 year old boy a big hairy yellow rubber ball.

After Tim went to work we were off to Grandpa Bobs. Grandpa knows how to do Christmas right....with food gift certificates!!

And since I get to throw that magnificent Christmas Eve party, Buster gets to dazzle us with Christmas morning breakfast.

By 3:30 Christmas day things got awfully quiet. That's because this is how I found the boys.....



SHIRLEE said...

You always have the most awesome, busy fun and exciting parties. (I must have misplaced my invite. I will have to call the post office) hahaha. You look like you have an awesome time. What a wonderful Auntie, Sister, Daughter (oh and boss) you are. Luv ya

Gwen said...

Your family is/are? such good sports ! Just like you.

Uncle Jill said...

As usual, a fantastic party!! Stacy you are the best, and we all appreciate all of your hard work and effort!! Casuree showed me every ornament that she had made from years past, she has quite a collection, and they really mean a lot to her. I have the best family in the world, and I am allowed to tear up, it wouldn't be the traditional Christmas Party without it!! I love you all so much, Merry Christmas!!

Teresa said...

What a fun party - you can be the party coordinator at work from now on. That is one darlin' baby.

Anonymous said...