Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Activity #2

For some reason, those pesky kids of mine demanded that we get the Christmas tree up. So late Sunday evening (I'm not kidding - it was late - we should have started earlier) we dragged the tree and all of our buckets of Christmas goodies up from the basement and decorated.

Here's our Christmas angel putting the star on the top of the tree (I have to call him an angle for agreeing to start decorating so late - Don't laugh, I need him in a good mood this month, it's Christmas)
Ya know that movie "Christmas Vacation" and there's that one part in the movie where he's brought the tree home and out jumps a squirrel? Well we had our own version of a squirrel jumping out of our tree. Our squirrels name is Missy.
Here's the boys, mid-decorate. Jeez, I remember when we had to worry about the days when we had to put the ornaments a few branches up on the tree so they couldn't reach them as babies. Now Lydon is tall enough that he can decorate the tippy top of the tree for us. Where has the time gone?
And since I know that you are all very concerned about the dog pound----here is our very first ornament casualty--pulled straight from an un-named dog's mouth (Tank! bad dog!) We hadn't even finished decorating when this happened.
Let the dog/ornament wars begin!

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