Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Activity #7

Lydon's Christmas Dance

Day Date: Photo Scavenger Hunt at the Gateway
Lydon's date: The lovely and talented Whitney
I'm thinking they had a good time (FYI----I was NOT the photographer. Lydon is still not letting me go on his dates with him)
Evening Date: Dinner at the Largent home (yay for not traveling the canyon! Especially since is foggydown below this evening)The tie: A sweet little number that I picked up at the Dilly Dallys for a $1. It has a Santa Clause on it. It's a musical tie. It cost a dollar. It's awesome! (FYI--Lydon still doesn't let me go on his dates with him).
The corsage: Made by a local mother. Look how it's all dewy and fresh in it's package. So pretty. I want a corsage. One that I can wear while I'm doing laundry. Why won't Lydon let me go on his dates with him?

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Ty and Kenzie said...

Stacy, I'm loving the Christmas Activities blogs! I think you should be able to go on the dates with Lydon! I was just looking at your family pic and you guys need a new one, your boys look like twins to me in that picture! Your boys are just growing, growing, growing! I Hope you have a Merry Christmas!