Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a great night. We didn't start until 6:00pm so that the guys could work on Casuree and Nate's house during the day.

To keep the kids busy while Timmy cooked, we had the girls decorate a pair of flipflops, the kids made visors and the guys made drink coolers.

Aaron's "This is why I'm hot--" pose.

Finally....a decent shot of our gorgeous BBQ-Technician. I usually get pictures of Timmy that make it look like he wants to take my camera away from me and flambe' it over an open grill. Check out the guns on this fella! Whatever you do, don't tease the guy with the big guns about his new mohawk hair-do!The Carrigan-Roberts-Simms girls showing off the latest in 4th of July thong-wear. And Lydon showing off the latest in 4th of July thug-sun-visor-wear (ala Minney Pearl with that tag still hanging off of it). Ha....I got Bren to smile! Shawn can't even make that happen! Who's the bestest Aunt Stacy EVER?!!

After we ate, the kids played games: Dress the boys like the statue of Liberty with newpaper and masking tape

Whose alka-seltzer necklace will melt firstHome run derby with wiffle balls filled with shaving creamFrisbee golf for girlsand a pie eating contest
After we cleaned up the great big mess that we had made with water balloons and shaving cream, we all headed over to my dads so that the kids could light their fireworks until the "big show".

It was such a nice night. And I don't think anyone cried. You know it's a good party when no one cries :)

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