Friday, July 18, 2008

An open post to my oldest child

Dear Lydon:

This is a post made by my good friend Gwen at the courthouse

From Gwen:
Zac and CJ and Treyson floated from the Dickson Property to OUR Property on East Canyon Creek. Roger and I went down to our property to wait for them, and surprised about 4-5 "boys" skinny-dipping. There was a mad dash for underwear, and in the process they left all of their ILLEGAL fireworks behind - darn :( Those went in the garbage for sure, rotten little trespassers.............. They came over from where else - the subdivisions in Morgan City. They have NO respect for PRIVATE PROPERTY, that's for sure. We're just lucky they didn't start a fire in the tall dry grass.

I was horrified!

And this is how I replied:

Stacy said...
OH NO!!!I called Lydon yesterday around 3:30 and he told me that he was just getting home from swimmin' in the "crick". Please -oh please- tell me that his was not one of the naked backsides that you saw (his embarrassed mother will kick his naked butt). Please -oh please- tell me that he was not the one in posession of illegal fireworks (his firefighter dad, uncle, other uncle and the entire Morgan County Fire Department will kick his potential fire starting butt). Please -oh please tell me that he wasn't your trespasser(his county clerk mother with have one of her deputy friends kick his juvenile delinquent butt). I'm just sick about this! Please come let me know if I need to do some grounding this weekend.
July 18, 2008 9:18 AM

To which she replied:
* said...
It wasn't YOUR boys - relax............ I would have recognized (their faces:)-Gwen
July 18, 2008 10:01 AM

Lydon my dear, I think we need to have a little chat about repecting other people's property, the danger of illegal fireworks and how not to swim butt-naked!

Your freaked out mother

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