Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to meet the funny farm

Dear Pancho-
I'm gonna give you one last chance to back out of this deal. I think you should meet your soon-to-be roommates.

Welcome to the Lafitte funny (looking) farm.

This is JackJack has a freakish man face and meow's like a little girl. He's the only tiger in this joint that was allowed to keep his finger nails. His favorite pass time is hanging out in the wood shed sharpening those claws so watch it! He likes to feed his freakish man face with a special diet of neighborhood birds. It is not a pretty scene. If he tries to take you out for a stroll to "bird watch" don't do it!

This is GracieGracie is our "challenged" friend with a "special spirit". This poor little fluff ball is cross eyed, clumsy and is easily confused so move slowly when you are around her. She is also a little skiddish so no loud, unexpected noises. Barking will not be tolerated.

This is little darling is MissyMissy is our little princess/massage therapist. She rules this joint and has a soft spot for Big Daddy Tim. Her favorite pass time is climbing into bed with Tim and marching on him till he falls asleep.

If you don't behave yourself, we will have no other option than to send you over to Grandpa Bob's where you will have to face this thug:

Abby "the Terminator" Netz. She will leave marks on you that will require medicate cremes in order to heal. Her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Sounds like you have one day to make up your mind. This place does not come with a money back guarantee. All sales are final. Once you get in, there's no going back. Choose wisely.

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