Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Little Slugger

Aaron's ball team "The Angels" just finished up their season. His team placed second.

It's hard to believe that the season is over already. Aaron did a great job!

A couple of the games at the beginning of the season were snowed out (can you believe it?) and by the time the season was over he was playing games in the high 90's-100's. YUCK! I don't know how those kids do it.

Aaron took a couple of "hits" for the team. One hit got him right in the head (oh, so that's why they wear helmets----it's all starting to make sense!) and the other one got him in the leg and left a nice bruise for him to show off. You would have thought that he would have used those "battle scars" to pick up chicks, but noooooooo.......he was pretty sure that the pitcher intentionally aimed at his head so that Aaron couldn't get a hit.

Now we just need the boys to sign-up for another recreational activity-----The Lafitte's are already missing our twice weekly dose of Snack Shack nachos!

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