Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Saturday night version of Thankful Thursday

I am so excited! Now that I am a blogger I get to participate in all the games that the cool blogger girls play!! So here is my back dated version of Thankful Thursday.....

This week I was thankful for Timmy.

When I got off work on Thursday, Tim needed to make a dash to Huntsville to fetch something that he had left at the firestation up there. It was a spur of the moment deal and it turned out to be a pleasant little-kinda-sorta-some what of a date. We decided to stop at the Alpine pizza place for dinner and then he took me over the Ogden Divide thingy in to Ogden. That was one crazy drive. Talk about a scary, scary, scary road! Once we made it into Ogden, we stopped at one of his firefighter friend's house to play with his puppies (in case you are wondering, Pancho would be one of those puppies that Tim plans on bringing home). Then we stopped for a treat before we headed back up the canyon. It was such a nice night, nice ride, nice little escape. Just Tim and me and no kids. He's pretty fun to be with. He had me laughing the whole time.

It was pretty cool!

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Anonymous said...

AWWW! Do you like date night with HIM better than date night with me?

I'm glad you left out the part where you went and "parked"......;)