Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyone loves a parade

Welcome to the Morgan County Fair Parade 2008:

First up.....

Brennon Netz proudly representing Cub Scout Pack 244. He's our little fire cracker! (get it? firecracker? He's sitting under the firecracker)

Netxt up; Morgan County Council
Of special note on the County Council Float: Last minute wardrobe change. Overalls vs. Matching Green Shirts. Matching green shirts were the noticable winners.

Jim and Gloria Anderson in their parade favorite: Chevy?Nova? 19?? (my dad can rattle off the make and model---me, I'm a girl, all I know is that it's shiny and red) . In the front seat with Grandpa Jim is Colton "The Candy Thrower" Hyde, son of Leslie and Travis Hyde. Hey Gloria (in the back seat) what's up with covering your face?

And here is the Lafitte Family Hair Dresser, Diane hauling Deb and her Spicy Pies.

Where's Lydon you ask?

He's right here-

Taken care of bizness for Deb while the rest of Morgan County parades on.

And rounding the corner is the Carrigan Caravan...

We won't even ask why Casuree gets to drive the truck while Nate and Jason get assigned to candy chucking duty...?????

A small tribute to Uncle Jill.

Try finding an ugly side to this girl....there isn't one...believe me, I've tried.

Excuse us while we take a short intermission so that Aaron can sqeeze in a quick shower...




Let's get back to the parade...

This one's for you Roxanne, Arlin, Brooke and Justin

Someone needs to call Search & Rescue cuz Lester Lee Stone was MIA tonight--we're kinda worried.

And we'll end tonight on the crowd favorite--the Morgan County Fire Department

Chaston Netz was the lone family member riding for the fire tonight. Way to go Chase! Good to know that we can count on you! last dared me.......


DTHH&B said...

Wow, I am so glad to see some pics of my favorite time of year "Morgan County Fair Time" you don't know how excited I am to see a lil bit of home! Hope you have a great time this week!

Have a snow cone for me!


Anonymous said...

Good pic's, and we all know why Casuree gets to drive and Nate and Jason are on candy duty!! Jason had an old truck that has been restored and he got it running after it had sat for years. He was so proud and excited to drive it in the parade. The battery didn't hold up after it got to the school, hence the reason Jason was in the back of the truck. He was bummed!! Ask Boyd about finding my ugly side, he'll tell you right where it is! You are too kind!! Great photo's, love to be able to see the parade from the spectator side!!
Love Uncle Jill